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Taking on this project of writing several books has been... Well, like taking a drink out of a fire hose that is turned all the way on. That pretty much describes it.

I have had the pleasure of communicating with people I never would have. Most have given me a pat on the back, while others point out my shortcomings. Both are important to me. I would like to become a better writer and story teller as I move forward. I have no desire to stay in the same place very long. Critical words have helped me improve and what I have liked the most is learning something new.

So, here is who I owe in a big way:

Every one of you that support me and have enjoyed my books. My audience. Thank you. Without you the circle would not be complete.

The lady standing next to me in this photo, my wife Cindy, has been instrumental in helping me do anything and everything. Without her, in short, I am a mess.

In the beginning, the first one to review my project, was another author and good friend Bill Vietti. His influence and direction made me look at this writing in a different light. His help is something I won’t forget. Thank you Vie. (Vie's book: The Other Side of Someday)

During the writing of the second book, The Black Stone, I visited a friend in Iowa, Karen Mills. She offered to edit my work after I had her read, a not so subtle, review from an editor that had to do with punctuation and grammar. Honestly, this is something I know little about, but with her help I am learning. Thank you Karen.

This has been a really fun experience. So much so that book three, Thunder and Lightning, is close to done.

Anasazi Adventures

The Beginnings of a Book

Latest Release

I Know Where They Went, Book III

The print and Ebook versions of my third book, Thunder & Lightning, are now available. For more information on where to buy, click on Thunder & Lightning.

BACK COVER: Jim and Christine, with their family and friends, finally go to Hawk's village and have a vacation. There were no emergencies and thankfully no one needed rescue. On their return to the Old World was when things started to get exciting. Passing through the Window, on the way home, they were spotted. It was feared that the secret of the Cheeka people may be in danger of being discovered.

One night a young man shows up at Jim and Christine's door and they learn their secret of the Window is still safe. However, the boy asks them to return him to his people. The Legend of Tawkaw is no longer just a tale or an ancient story. Jim and Christine realize that the boy at their front door is, in fact, Tawkaw. He is real and very much alive.

Wonder Where They Went

What if We Found Them

Where in the world do I begin?

One day I was sitting near a cliff dwelling wondering where the Ancient Ones went; why did they disappear? My next thought was what if we found them. What if we could meet them.

After those thoughts, I started writing a book. This began more than a decade ago. It took a while for a couple reasons, first I type with two fingers, next I had never written before. My only saving grace...I can out dream anyone. If there is one thing I love more than anything, it’s adventure.

That first book gradually evolved into a three book series loosely based on some of my adventures called, I Know Where they Went. I hope you enjoy your time spent with the Ancient Ones...please let me know what you think at dana@danahollisterbooks.com!

I include on this site many photographs of our visits to special places of the Ancient Ones. I do not disclose specific locations. Way more than half of the pleasure of visiting here is the excitement of discovery. Just start walking with the many miles in spectacular Grand Gulch as your departure point. Remember to look well to each step, it is very fragile. This way the next visitor will enjoy just as much as we did.

I Know Where They Went

The Window

Book I

The Window

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The Black Stone

Book II

The Black Stone

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Thunder & lightning

Book III

Thunder and Lightning

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